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***Please Note: Squidly’s Canned Fine Eats is formerly known as CANNED SQUID fine eats. Please be patient while the branding changes on the shop images.

I am ever so proud and excited to announce the launch of my newest venture, Squidly’s Canned Fine Eats!
Squidly’s Canned Fine Eats brings you the very best in the field of deliciousness… in a can!
From pickles to poached fruit, canning ALL THE GOODS!

Squidly’s Canned Fine Eats offers everything from:
-tomato/pizza sauce
-stocks, soups, stews
-conserves, jams/jellies, fruit sauces
-kimchi & other fermented salads
-pickled veg
-poached fruit & pie fillings
…and much more!

For custom orders, a minimum quantity is required. Available in organic ingredients, gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, or lactose-free with special/custom orders. Most products are 100% vegan-friendly!


Squidly’s Canned Fine Eats does NOT use white sugar (cane, demerara, maple or honey instead) or any processed ingredients in any of its recipes.

Everything is 100% made from scratch…. with love. <3

Don’t forget to check back soon for updates on pricing, ordering, menu options, as well as an e-store for easy online purchasing! In the meantime, check out the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SquidlysCannedFineEats

Click on the “contact” button to place an inquiry regarding orders.

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