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I see there are two albums created in FooGallery.  These are them, but note.  If nothing is showing then the album is either in draft mode or empty.  When I set this page up, the Multimedia Artistry was in draft … Read More

PRINT : Ghost Rider Tattoo Design / Watercolour & India Ink

8″x11″ glossy print of my watercolour & india ink painting of Ghost Rider – a tattoo design I made for a client.

A great gift for the Ghost Rider fans!

*Please add $2 to your payment for a signed copy.

**Price includes regular Canada Post snail mail shipping.
***Please provide a valid mailing address when ordering.… Read More


PLEASE NOTE: Sorry but I no longer do make-up, hair, photography or modelling unless by special request (ZombieWalk, Halloween, Private Functions, Photoshoots, etc). Please click on the contact link above to inquire. I currently focus on tattooing, cooking, and commissioned … Read More

Makeup, SPFX & Hair

  Over 17 years experience in professional makeup for print, runway, film, theatre & SFX, as well as hair styling, colour, and photography/photo editing.  


Since 1999 under the name Squidworx Media, I have been producing an array of artwork in all types of medium, from fine arts, graphic arts, professional makeup & SFX (special effects makeup), digital photo editing, photography, 3D print design, large … Read More

Drunken Maple Poached Fruit – 250ml

These baby nectarines and gooseberries had one helluva party and got waaaaasssted off of Crown Royal Whiskey & Grand Marnier, then fell into a pot of Ardoch Ontario maple syrup with fresh ginger, herbs & spices.
Eat it on it’s own for a deliciously tart and flavourful treat, or top it on your favourite ice cream, cheese cake or yogurt!

-100% Vegan-friendly.
-No white sugar used, ever.-Made from scratch, with love!… Read More

Citrus & Black Grape Marmalade – 250ml

This marmalade isn’t for kitties. It’s sweet, sour, tart and a hint of citrus bitterness.
Great for that peanut butter sammich or how about adding it to a glaze for your roasted duck?
You’re welcome.

-No white sugar added, ever.
-Made 100% from scratch, with love.… Read More