1975 Portrait of The Club King - Pyrography

1975 Portrait of The Club King – Pyrography

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Thinking of what to buy that special someone for the holidays, a birthday, or special event?
Think no further!
I’m available for commissioned art of all kinds!
Just say your medium(s), your budget and deadline and I promise to make a cherished gift for that important person in your life.

Current available mediums for commissioned artwork in almost any style:
-Graphics (Digital portraits, graphic design, etc.)
-Oil Paints
-Acrylic Paints
-Enamel Paints (On wood, glass, metal, etc.)
-Pyrography (Wood Burning)
-Knitting (Baby Blankies, Scarves, Stuffed Animals, etc.)
-Sewing (Custom plush toys, etc.)
-Illustration (Pencil, Marker, etc.)
-Carving/Engraving (Using a Dremmel or hand held tools)
-Sculpture (Masks, Busts, Plaster, etc.)

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Check out this hilarious acrylic painting that I was commissioned to create as a wedding gift from a groom to his new bride with a wonderful sense of humour. (Click on the image for the full size)

Acrylics on canvas..commissioned for a client's wedding gift to his bride.

Acrylics on canvas..commissioned for a client’s wedding gift to his bride.

Watch the video to see the groom present the painting to his wife in front of their friends at a resort in the Dominican Republic where they were married and to hear the explanation of why there is a penis dressed in a tux on a beach with a hairy wart attached to his nut-sack wearing a wedding gown. (Wait for it….it’s worth it!!)
Thanks Vas for this amazing project!!





I have been commissioned to test out, make designs and stencils for the 3D Magic Wand !
It is new onĀ  the market and one of the leading 3D pens in the industry! Comes in a basic model and higher end model, both using ABS and PLA (plant based plastic) filament coming in an array of colours.
This January at CES Expo in Vegas, several of my designs were featured for the Polaroid 3D pen… and here they are!
(Check the gallery for the rest of the designs I have made over the past few months!)



3D Brontosaurus eating a leaf


3D “Flintstones” style tree


3D Pterodactyl in flight


3D “Flintstones” style tree


3D smiling Sloth




3D T-Rex with tongue sticking out